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Is your home too hot to be comfortable? Call Comfort Pro for an air conditioning contractor in Pittsboro you can rely on! We've got many years of experience helping Pittsboro homeowners get the best in-home climate. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Humidity: Our humidifiers and dehumidifiers will help you get the perfect level of humidity for your indoor air.
  • Air Quality: Researchers have found that air cleaners can improve health, so combine one of our filters with a UV air sanitizer.
  • Air Sealing: We'll weatherstrip the gaps in your Pittsboro home to get the right balance of circulation and sealing.
  • AC Repair: Comfort Pro's AC repair is the best in Pittsboro. We also offer regular maintenance and refrigerant checks.
  • Furnace Replacement: Make your home heating system even better with one of our furnaces. You'll love our expert installation.

Find Out The Reason People Love Our Pittsboro Air Conditioning

It can be challenging to keep your Pittsboro home cool in the summer. If you want to stay comfortable all year long, contact Comfort Pro and schedule regular maintenance. We'll service and clean your AC in the offseason to make sure it's ready to go in the hot months. Want to upgrade to a better system? We offer a wide range of air conditioners as well as ductless mini-split ACs. They rely on a small conduit for all the necessary indoor-outdoor tubing and are perfect for retrofits. Call Comfort Pro to learn more!

Stay Cozy In The Winter With Our Pittsboro Furnace Repair

We're more than just an air conditioning contractor! Comfort Pro also offers expert furnace repair. It's the best way to get better airflow, warmer heat, and lower utility bills. Want to combine a humidifier with your furnace? Ask about our whole-home humidifiers. It enters your ductwork and puts in moisture to the air after it's heated. To get a free quote for your Pittsboro place, contact Comfort Pro now!

We're The Top Choice For Pittsboro Heat Pumps

If your Pittsboro home has a heat pump instead of a furnace, Comfort Pro can service it. We can fix many common heat pump problems, including:

  • Bad Airflow
  • Unusual Noises
  • Weak Heating Power
  • Strange Smells
  • Stalls While Switching Modes

And much more. Got a heat pump older than 10 years and in need of major repairs? Try heat pump replacement for long-term savings. You'll be amazed at the difference in your utility bill. Call Comfort Pro now to speak with a technician!

Our Comfort Club Is The Way To Save In Pittsboro

Interested in big savings and other benefits? Join our Comfort Club. It's Comfort Pro's maintenance club, and it gives you a 20% discount on parts and labor for future repairs, plus priority place in line during busy times. You'll also never need to pay a premium surcharge for emergency repairs, even during the holidays. And if for whatever reason you're ever unsatisfied, you can get a prorated refund. Sign up for Comfort Pro's Comfort Club today!

At Comfort Pro, customer service is our #1 priority. If you have tough problems like a tight fit for an outdoor HVAC unit, we're the pros to call. Wondering what sort of HVAC, air quality, or humidifier system is right for you? Our pros are ready to help. To get a free estimate for your Pittsboro home, call Comfort Pro today!

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