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Furnace Maintenance

Trust Comfort Pro with Your Furnace Service!

You're lying in bed for a good night's rest, but somewhere in the night you wake with a start. You're freezing! Which can only mean one thing - your home's furnace has gone out of service. Now you're facing night after night of bundling up in every blanket you own until you can get it fixed. But the entire situation could be avoided by joining The Comfort Club!

For one affordable yearly fee, you can guarantee expert scheduled maintenance on your furnace system to avoid an unwanted ice age in your home. Plus, as a member, you get a host of other benefits to help save you money and keep your entire HVAC system working properly.

Even if a regular maintenance plan isn't for you, Comfort Pro is still your best source to inspect and maintain your system on an a la carte basis. Don't let your home turn into an igloo - call us today at 984-345-2556 to make sure you stay warm and toasty all through the winter months in Holly Springs, NC and beyond!

How often should a heating system be serviced?

To guarantee the best performance and efficiency, annual maintenance should be scheduled prior to the start of the heating season, often in the fall. Regular servicing aids in the identification and resolution of potential problems, assures optimum combustion, improves energy efficiency, and extends the system's lifespan. However, if your heating equipment, such as a heat pump, operates year-round for both heating and cooling, it's best to plan maintenance twice a year, before both the heating and cooling seasons.

What time of year is best for heating maintenance?

As previously stated,  it is best to take care of this in late summer or early autumn, before you begin to rely largely on your heating system. This allows HVAC technicians to examine, clean, and correct any potential concerns before the colder weather hits, ensuring that your heating system runs efficiently and reliably throughout the winter. Regular fall maintenance prevents malfunctions and ensures that your system is ready to keep your house warm when you need it most.

How long does it take to service a heating system?

The time frame of a heating system service might vary depending on the type of system, its condition, and the level of maintenance required. A normal heating system maintenance session can take between 1 and 2 hours on average. Inspecting components, cleaning filters and burners, checking for gas leaks, and assuring appropriate system performance are all part of the job. If repairs or more comprehensive maintenance are required, the time may be extended. To receive a more exact estimate depending on your individual heating system and its condition, check with HVAC professionals.

What Does Furnace Maintenance Mean For You?

  • Safety First!: The vast majority of the time, your furnace is a perfectly safe appliance that can blanket your home in warmth during the cold months. But as it does generate heat, there is always a small risk to both you and your house. Regular maintenance will identify any components in the heating element or electrical connections that could cause a catastrophic failure to give you true peace of mind.
  • Improved System Lifespan: Making sure your furnace is regularly inspected and serviced can help it live longer. Catching minor issues early before they can cause major damage ensures your unit will stay in tip-top shape for years to come. Plus, a well-maintained system will have almost no downtime or major repairs since many of these problems are dealt with ahead of time.
  • Better Air Quality: Part of a normal maintenance plan involves cleaning your entire HVAC system, which can get rid of debris, dust, mold or other irritants that might be dirtying your air and affecting your overall quality of life. Once cleaned, you can enjoy warm, inviting, pristine air that will let you breathe easy.
  • Efficiency For Your Home and Wallet: If your furnace is operating at peak performance, it's going to use much less energy as it doesn't have to work as hard to keep your home warm and comfortable - and at the same time, prevent your wallet going into deep freeze.

Warmth That Is There When You Need It

It's absolutely reasonable to expect your furnace to work normally during the winter months, but expectation is no substitute for expert, professional and thorough maintenance. Ensure your home fires keep burning during cold weather by joining The Comfort Club today!

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Call us at 984-345-2556 or drop us a line online so our family can get to work keeping yours safe and warm.

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