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Heat Pump Repair

Is Your Holly Springs Home a Little Chilly? We're Here To (Heat) Pump You Up!

Heat pumps are wonderful, efficient systems that can keep your home warm on even the coldest nights. But even the best devices can sometimes fail, and when it does, you need dependable, trained experts to take a look. The professionals at Comfort Pro can diagnose what's wrong with your heat pump and offer the most cost-effective solution, and when we do the repair, it's done right.

Concerned about paying a high diagnostic fee and not getting any relief? We've got you covered there as well. Comfort Pro waives any diagnostic fees when you hire us to do the repair - you only pay for what we fix. Don't let your mercury fall off a cliff - contact Comfort Pro today and we'll have your heat pump pumping out cozy, toasty air faster than you can say Glenn Frey.

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The Heat Is Off

So you know the heat pump isn't working. What you don't know is why! Here are some of the most common issues so you'll know what to expect:

  • Reversing Valve Damaged: Heat pumps work to not only heat your home, but to cool it as well. This is accomplished by reversing the flow of refrigerant with - you guessed it - a reversing valve. If this valve is broken, your heat pump will be stuck in heating or cooling mode.
  • Low Refrigerant: Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your heat pump. If it's low, the pump won't be able to heat or cool your home, so you'll need to have it refilled. Plus, it could be low because of a leak, and you'd want that fixed as well.
  • Broken Compressor Contractor: This device controls the flow of power into your heat pump. If it's damaged, your heat pump might run constantly - or not at all. Either way will cost you, whether it's your power bill or your sanity.
  • Bad Starter Capacitor: The starter capacitor sends current to the motors to start the heat pump on when it's needed. You know that clicking sound your car makes when the engine won't turn over? If your heat pump is doing the same thing, you'll need that capacitor replaced.

We're Looking Out For You

Don't go without the heat (or cool) you need. Get up with the skilled technicians at Comfort Pro online or call us at 919-629-3636 today to get your repairs handled efficiently, professionally and most importantly - correctly.

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