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Air Duct Sealing

Don't Let A Leak Sink Your Cary & Holly Springs Home!

Most of the time, your HVAC system is great because most of it is hidden behind your walls and you don't have to see it too often. However, the problem with not seeing it is you can't always know what shape it is in. This means, if it has leaks, you'd never know it. Your power bill knows it. Your overall comfort level knows it. But you could remain blissfully oblivious to numerous places your conditioned air could be escaping.

Whether it's loose duct connections, bad foil tape or holes whittled away by bugs or rodents, any leak in your HVAC ductwork is a problem. Your system is designed to carry 100% of the air it takes in throughout your home, so if it's losing any of that air to a leak, you aren't getting your money's worth.

But there is a solution. Comfort Pro's expert, dependable technicians can seal your ductwork - ensuring that there are no leaks letting air - or money - escape. Call us today at 984-345-2556 or read below to learn more about what air duct sealing can do for you and your home.


Our Ducts Are Sealed

Did you know an air leak nearly took out the International Space Station? The situation at your home isn't nearly as serious of course, but it shows you how big a problem even a small leak can be. Below are some of the benefits you can reap by having your air ducts sealed:

  • Better Air: In an air duct, leaks can work both ways. As the air that continues through the duct rushes past, it can pull the dirty air around it into the duct. The dirty air in your crawlspace, in your attic or in your garage - the air you don't want in your home. Proper air duct sealing will keep the good air in and the bad air out and improve your overall indoor air quality.
  • Efficiency: If you're losing a lot of your cooled or warmed air to a leak, it takes longer for your home to reach your desired temperature. More time equals more work for your HVAC system; more work equals potentially more maintenance issues or a shorter lifespan.
  • Backdrafting: Gas appliances in your home can release combustion gases through their ventilation systems. Backdrafting occurs when a leak in your HVAC system pulls those gases back into your home instead of outside. Needless to say, these aren't things you want to be breathing.
  • Savings: The more efficient your system, the less work it has to do, the less energy it has to draw, the less energy you have to buy. If your ducts are leaking, your wallet may as well be too.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

With Comfort Pro, you won't have to worry about losing any of your conditioned air to pesky leaks. Our air duct sealing, carried out by our highly-trained technicians, will deliver the performance you expect from your system - and as a bonus, we'll be in a position to spot other issues you may need to address. Give us a call today at 984-345-2556 or get with us online and we'll have you sealed up in no time!

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