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UV Air Sanitizers

Give Your Home The Tools To Zap Away Pathogens

You've no doubt been told at some point in your life to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun. UV radiation is capable of damaging tissue, which is why you need protection. However, that's also why it's a useful ally in the fight to keep your home's climate clean and pristine.

Are UV air purifiers worth it?

UV air purifiers can be worth it in certain situations. They use ultraviolet light to neutralize and kill airborne pathogens, including bacteria and viruses. While they can enhance indoor air quality, their effectiveness depends on factors like airflow and the duration of exposure. UV purifiers work well in conjunction with other air filtration systems. Consider consulting with HVAC professionals to determine if a UV air purifier is suitable for your specific needs, especially if there are concerns about airborne pathogens or allergens in your indoor environment.

Are UV air purifiers safe?

UV air purifiers are generally safe when used as directed. The UV-C light they emit is effective in neutralizing pathogens but is confined within the purifier. However, direct exposure to UV-C light can be harmful to the eyes and skin. Modern UV air purifiers are designed with safety features to prevent accidental exposure. It's crucial to follow manufacturer instructions, install the purifier correctly, and consider professional advice when integrating UV air purifiers into your HVAC system to ensure safe and effective use.

Is UV light better than an air filter?

UV light and air filters serve different purposes in air purification. UV light is effective in neutralizing pathogens like bacteria and viruses, while air filters capture particles like dust, pollen, and pet dander. The combination of both technologies can provide comprehensive air purification. UV light may not capture larger particles, so using it in conjunction with an air filter offers more thorough filtration. The effectiveness depends on specific needs and circumstances. Consulting with HVAC professionals can help determine the most suitable combination for your indoor air quality requirements.

UV air sanitizers are installed in your ductwork and use short-wave ultraviolet light to scrub the air in your home of microorganisms or disease pathogens like mold, bacteria and viruses before it reaches your living space. The high-energy UV-C light emitted by these air cleaners actually works to damage the DNA of harmful bacteria and microorganisms; this causes the microorganisms to self-destruct, rendering them incapable of harming anyone in your home.

A UV air sanitizer, professionally installed by the dependable experts at Comfort Pro, can give your home an extra layer of protection against dangers lurking in the air. Call us now at 984-345-2556 to find out more and schedule your installation.


Why Do You Need UV?

Chemical-Free: UV air sanitizers work by utilizing UV-C light, which is a component of the normal sunlight we experience every day. This eliminates the need for chemical sanitizers that can carry their own risks.

Effectiveness: Very few technologies can come close to 100% effectiveness, but UV air sanitizers are one of them. They boast a 98% effective rate against airborne pathogens, and can reduce or even stop the growth of unwanted microbiological organisms.

No Filters: Have you ever forgotten to change your air conditioning filter? It's something that can easily slip one's mind, but with a UV air sanitizer you won't have to worry. Plus, as they have no moving parts and work on light alone, the most maintenance you'll have to do is replacing the bulb every few years.

Odor Control: With less mold and other odor-causing microorganisms in the air, your home will smell fresh and clean without the need for chemical air fresheners.

Shine A Light To Clarify Your Home

Ready to take the next step toward purifying the air in your home? Then send us a message today or give us a call at 984-345-2556 and let one of our trustworthy associates help you get your Triangle area home's new UV shield in place!

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