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How Does Our Pricing Work?

We've been in the home comfort industry for a while and have noticed a trend in how our competitors price their services. A lot of HVAC companies offer flat-rate pricing. While "flat-rate" may sound like a good thing, it's actually a way for companies to hide extra fees and costs.

Here at Comfort Pro, we do things a bit differently by providing:

  • Upfront Pricing - After we inspect your system and determine what's going on, we give you accurate pricing information on what it would cost to repair your system BEFORE any work is done. This upfront pricing allows you the freedom and flexibility to ask questions, research solutions or even get a second opinion if you so desire.
  • Parts At Cost - We don't believe in up-charging our clients on things like replacement parts. In fact, we actually research the price of each and every part, obtaining quality but reasonably priced items in order to bring you the lowest cost on repairing your system.
  • Itemized Bills - You can check that the price of a part was low because we actually put it on your bill, along with each item for which you are paying. So instead of having a large general "repair" cost, instead you receive an itemized list of every service, material and supply provided as well as the cost for each. Just as we would want to know exactly what we're paying for, we extend that same courtesy to our clients.

Enjoy Transparent Pricing With Comfort Pro

Comfort Pro's transparent pricing policy offers visibility and honesty to the expert service and workmanship our technicians provide. To schedule your service, or with any questions on our transparent pricing policy, simply call us today at 919-629-3636 !  

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