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Air Filtration Services

Clear The Air In Your Triangle Home!

We spend a lot of time indoors, so you may be shocked to learn that sometimes the level of pollution in our homes can be way higher than the pollution level outside! It is vital to you and your family's health to ensure you have clean, quality air in your home. Not sure how to do it? Not to worry, because Comfort Pro has you covered.

Proper air filtration will not only let you breathe easier, but it can make your home smell better too! An air filtration system installed by our expert technicians will give your home an entirely new feel, protecting you from pesky germs and foul odors. Call us today at 984-345-2556 and let one of our professionals show you all the benefits you can get from a new air filtration system.


Many Contaminants, One Solution

Just what is lurking in your air our air filtration systems can target? There's more than you might think! A professionally installed filtration system from Comfort Pro will help scrub all of these from your home's air:

  • Bacteria & Viruses: Air filtration can help prevent the spread of disease by trapping these infectious particles.
  • Dust & Dust Mites: Nothing makes a home feel dirtier than dust and the dust mites that congregate in it produce a number of allergens.
  • Pet Dander & Odors: Sure, Fluffy is the cuddliest dog in the world. But do you really want to breathe in his dander?
  • Volatile Organic Compounds: Also known as VOCs, these chemicals - often used in paints and other construction processes - can cause headaches, fatigue and nausea at the low end; at the high end, they risk organ damage and cancer.
  • Smoke: Whether it's from your fireplace or from that cigar you enjoyed last night, smoke is a contaminant that can cause foul odors and health issues.
  • Unpleasant Odors: Trash cans, the kitchen, restrooms, old clothing - your home has its own special "potpourri" of odors.

You Deserve Clean Air...

...and Comfort Pro can provide it! If you think your home could benefit from a professionally installed, high-tech air filtration system (spoiler alert: it can), then call us today at 984-345-2556  or send us a message online. We can fill your home with purified, pristine air in no time and leave you - and your family - breathing easier.

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