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Whole Home Humidifier

Steady, Controlled Comfort For Your Cary & Holly Springs Home

Our North Carolina summers are known for their sweltering humidity. But while nobody likes the air to feel like a wet blanket, air that is too dry has its own set of problems. That's where a whole home humidifier comes in. With one of these units, professionally installed by the experts of Comfort Pro, your home's humidity level becomes a case of set it and forget it. It will automatically read the relative humidity in your home's atmosphere and pump moisture into the air until it's where you want it to be.

However, since it is putting moisture into your home, it's vital that it be installed correctly so you don't run the risk of any of the negative effects of high humidity. That's where Comfort Pro comes in. We can provide you with the comprehensive and dependable installation of your whole home humidifier, ensuring that it's working properly with your existing HVAC system and not causing any unnecessary issues. Message us online or call today at 984-345-2556 and give your home (and yourself) the comforting atmosphere you deserve.


Perfect Humidity, Tangible Benefits

Why does the humidity in your home matter? Below are some of the benefits of using a whole home humidifier to keep your relative humidity at the recommended 35%-45% level.

  • No Worries: Unlike a small humidifier unit that you have to keep an eye on before it raises levels too high, a whole home humidifier has its own humidistat so you can set your optimum level and then let it do its thing.
  • No Refills: A portable humidifier requires you to regularly refill it with water, and forgetting to do so can damage the unit. A whole home humidifier is tied into your home's plumbing, so the water it needs is automatically supplied.
  • No Maintenance: Once a year, a whole home humidifier will need to have its evaporator panel filter replaced. Other than that? It won't need any maintenance.
  • No Noise: Portable humidifiers tend to be noisy devices that can intrude on your home's peace and quiet. A whole home humidifier is hidden away and makes virtually no sound.
  • No Discomfort: A whole home humidifier has a number of health benefits. Proper humidity levels can aid in the prevention of respiratory conditions, sore throats and allergies. Plus, it can keep you from dealing with chapped lips and dry skin.

There's Something In The Air...

...or at least, there could be with your brand new whole home humidifier! The dependable pros of Comfort Pro are ready to get your new unit installed and give you all the benefits of proper humidity. You can call us at 984-345-2556 or reach out to us online to get the Pros on the job today!

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