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Is your heat pump acting up? Call Comfort Pro for heat pump repair in Raleigh that's right on time! We've been repairing heat pumps and other HVAC issues for over 18 years, so there's nothing we can't handle. Whether you need a quick fix or a major part replacement, we're the ones to call. Problems with your electric ignition? Airflow not as forceful as it should be? Call us now to diagnose and correct the problem. For all this and more, contact Comfort Pro today!

If Repairs Aren't Enough, Comfort Pro Can Replace Your Heat Pump

Sometimes repairs can only do so much, especially for a heat pump that's between 10 to 15 years old. For a unit that old, heat pump replacement is the best choice. Comfort Pro offers heat pumps that we'll install into your existing system to quickly get things back in shape. For amazing products with excellent customer service, make an appointment today with Comfort Pro!

Comfort Pro Is Your Go-To Choice For Air Conditioning

Don't be uncomfortable in your own home! If you need your AC tuned up, Comfort Pro is here to serve you. We offer a wide range of services for air conditioning, including:

  • AC Repair: Poor airflow or lack of cooling power are two common problems our pros can tackle.
  • AC Replacement: If it's time to get another AC, we'll help you make the best selection for your home.
  • Mini-Split Air Conditioning: No ducts? No problem. Our mini-split AC's need only a small conduit to connect units.
  • Air Sealing: Don't let air leakage raise your utility bill. We help balance sealing with proper ventilation.

We Service All Types Of Heating Systems In Holly Springs

Refrigerant Leaks

If you see ice on your evaporator coils, it's likely due to refrigerant leakage.

Thermostat Issues

Our heat pump repair will make sure your thermostat is properly set.

Failed Reversing Valve

Can't switch between heating and cooling modes? Call us.

Electrical Problems

Sometimes, small electrical components need to be replaced.

And more. To get warm again soon, call Comfort Pro for heat pump repair in Raleigh!

Clean Your Air With Our Air Quality Products

Do you want the best air-filtering available? Comfort Pro can help you get it while also making sure your humidity levels are perfect. Our humidifiers and dehumidifiers work well in all climates, while our whole-room filtering system and in-duct air cleaners help eliminate dust and allergens. In addition, our UV air sanitizers help get rid of mold and pathogens. Call Comfort Pro now to learn more!

You'll Get Great Customer Service With Comfort Pro

Customer service is our top priority at Comfort Pro. We always go above and beyond for every project, and we do it with a smile. As a local business, it's important for us to help Raleigh families stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Got special requirements for outdoor unit placement? Wondering what sort of HVAC system is right for you? Comfort Pro has the answers for everything. To schedule a consultation, call Comfort Pro today. We can't wait to hear from you!

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