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What Are Mini Split Air Conditioners

What Are Mini-Split Air Conditioners?

You're probably familiar with central AC in the traditional sense, but have you ever heard of mini-split air conditioners? They've been around since the 1950s but have recently been growing in popularity.

Mini-Split AC Benefits

To learn more about this fascinating choice for heating and cooling your home, read on.

  • Mini-split air conditioners don't need ducts. They consist of an outside condenser connected to one or more indoor air handling units through a small conduit. That's all they need for outdoor-indoor transfer. There's no big hole in the wall or dedicated window like with central systems.
  • They're much more energy-efficient than other cooling methods. That's because there's none of the energy loss associated with ducts, which can account for 30% of energy consumption for room conditioning.
  • They're less expensive than central AC systems. They cost almost a third more than central AC systems, although that price does not take into account the extra expense of ductwork.
  • You get zone control. Mini-split air conditioning allows you to control different zones in your house, so you don't have rooms or areas that are too cold or hot. The indoor air handling units come in different styles, and you can have them placed in a location that works best for you.

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